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About Arabicsi

We, at Arabic Services International, pride ourselves on being the sole agency dedicated to the promotion of Arabic-related services. We help our clients, upon request, fine-tune their needs as to the country-specific Arabic that fits best the mission in question. We provide the most competent professionals for each assignment. Our established network of specialized interpreters and translators can provide language services for nearly any language combination or subject.
Our interpreters are also accredited to and work for the European Union and other international organizations, this being a prerequisite for their recruitment.

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Interpreter-Translator, graduated from Algiers University as well as Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux (EII), Mons (Belgium). He holds a Master’s degree in Interpretation/Translation.
Having worked as an interpreter since 1987, he became accredited to the Institutions of the European Union – the largest employer of interpreters worldwide – namely European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, EU Parliament and Court of Justice. He also works regularly for other international organizations such as the World Customs Organization, Permanent representation of the League of Arab States in Brussels and Belgian-Luxembourg-Arab Chamber of Commerce, International Organization of Criminal Police (Interpol), etc..

Our key strengths


Our commercial and administrative team is on hand to answer your enquiries quickly. We also have an online chat function allowing you to talk to us directly.


The vision we have for each project and each client allows us to offer effective, streamlined and professional support leaving you free to focus on what really matters: your clients.


Each project is allocated an expert who makes the full range of his/her expertise fully available to you. Experience has taught us not to compromise where the quality of our services is concerned.


Building on our international experience, ARABICSI guarantees you a reliable and rigorous result all year round and under very tight deadlines.


Keeping timelines as short as possible is an absolute principle for ARABICSI. We guarantee no backtracking from agreed deadlines when offering our services, right until the end of the project.


The quality of all of our services is attested by the wide array of skills of our language experts.

Our services

With a strong international track record, we ensure our services are reliable,

swift and professional to reflect the image of our clients and our national and international partners.

Fully dedicated to offering you the best possible service, our experts are on hand to respond rapidly to your enquiries.

We keep a very close eye on the quality of our services. We offer a wide range of services including interpreting, translation and medical tourism, event organising and even an international limousine service.

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